RUCHISHIL Terms and Conditions

Welcome to RUCHISHIL. This document makes the terms and conditions of products and services offered by us as a seller base online shop in line with what is required of every e-commerce company. This requirement ensures that specific terms and conditions be published for customers to read through before agreeing to carry out any transaction with our company or any other third party company that is affiliated to our company on our platform. Every order and purchase of any and every products item from our platform is termed as you contracting with us – RUCHISHIL. These terms and conditions spell out your binding obligation, our liability as well as the limitations of our liability among other things.For the sake of clarity, You, users or customers, in this terms and conditions shall refer to anyone who has sustained and intention to, and subsequently goes on to transact with the RUCHISHIL  via our web page or application upon completion of registration. Also, the terms RUCHISHIL, we, us, or our shall be general terms which shall be used to refer mainly to the RUCHISHIL.

If in the course of transacting with us, which among other things include products and customer reviews, you as a customer shall be subject to the provisions of these terms and conditions. As a company, RUCHISHIL reserves the exclusive right at any point with or without your knowledge, before, to modify, change, or make additions or subtractions to these terms and conditions of use at any given time. This is why we emphasize on the importance that you should not only read these terms and conditions upon the first transaction with us as a company but that you also subsequently read it frequently so you can keep yourself updated on any modification or addition that is being made to these terms and conditions. If at any point, any modification is made to these terms and conditions, and you read and accept, it is deemed as you accept the changes that have been incorporated into the terms and conditions. Also, accepting and agreeing to these terms and conditions also means that you have agreed to be bound by other documents which are attached to it as well. These aforementioned documents include but are not limited to the privacy policy, the return and the refund policy. It is our firm assurance as a company that if you agree to these terms and conditions as provided, you will enjoy and express and non-exclusive access to our platform and also find our products one to be happy about.

•    Customer Account Creation and Maintenance

As a customer who wants to carry out a purchase of any Products kind from our platform, you will be required to create an account on first access to the platform which will assign to you a username and password to access our web page. The username and password given to each user are what not only gives access to the platform but also helps in differentiating it is delivered to you. As a user of our platform, you shall be totally responsible for the safekeeping of your username and password from being accessed by third parties of any kind. It is also mandatory that every information provided by you to us when creating your account is the correct information. Anything short of that, means we have the right as a company to suspend or totally block you from accessing our platform at any given time, and when this is done, it means all gains and benefits accrued to users of our platform will be forfeited as well. So you agree that you will log out your account after every use, and also notify our support team immediately when you sense any breach to your account. You also agree to us providing your details to our parent brand upon your request and to law enforcement agencies either for verification when requested, or to aid further legal investigations at any time.

•    Customer Relationship and Communication

RUCHISHIL platform allows users and customers to leave a comment which takes the form of product reviews and seller reviews on the platform from time to time making it not just a commercial platform alone, but also an interactive one as well. It also goes forward to allow users to be able to interact with themselves about shoe items, its quality and the overall excellence of the platform as a whole. To this end, RUCHISHIL has no control of any kind of transactions or communication that goes on between users as they are being regarded as third parties. All transactions of which RUCHISHIL will be responsible for has to be carried out directly with the platform. As such,

– All contractual terms provided for in these terms and conditions are only to govern the seller – RUCHISHIL and the buyer which is the customer alone and doesn’t extend in any way to transactions carried on or with third parties on and off the platform.

– RUCHISHIL is totally not responsible for any transaction, dispute and/or subsequent breach that exists between customers on the platform other than that done with the platform directly.

– All transactions carried out between customers on the platform via means of communication without the express knowledge of the RUCHISHIL platform is being carried out at the risk of both parties.

– The company reserves every right to cancel an order for any products when it notices any error either as a result of technical issue or typographical with notifying the customer provided such user has not made payment in any form for such shoe item. In a case where payment has been made, the company will notify users of such cancellation and by way of its refund policy, refund to the user the payment made.

Though steps are being taken by RUCHISHIL platform to ensure that customers don’t engage in transactions with third parties, users are entirely liable when this happens, and our company will be free from any liability when such transaction may incur.

•    Conducting Yourself on the Platform

As a user on the RUCHISHIL platform, conducting yourself in the best manner is required, and as such you agree to

– Keep safe any information you do not have any right to on the platform either of yourself or that if others. It is necessary to know your limits to avoid violation of any kind.

– Avoid any derogatory or discriminating, dubious or unlawful action, posts or comments of any kind that aims at misleading or defrauding others

– Avoid the promotion of anything that infringes on the rights of other users of the platform directly or indirectly.

– Work within the scope that is authorized of you on the platform and not exceed such range by trying to gain unauthorized access to the platform or the personal information of other users for any fraudulent activity at any time.

– Avoid any interference with the continuous use and enjoyment of the platform by other users

– Please stay away from any action that violates the proprietary rights of other users by infringing on their private information or duplicating their services.

– Not violate or contravene any law that governs online transactions in force.

– Not to deliberately cause RUCHISHIL to lose or suffer any damage to our Internet Service Providers.

Also, users of the RUCHISHIL platform must ensure that they stay away from any fraudulent activity while making use of the platform. These fraudulent activities include:

– Fraudulent payment for products and services offered by RUCHISHIL

– Failure to confirm and reply to payment verification the RUCHISHIL platform sends to users upon completion of payment.

– Usage of account information of other users’ information for any other activity that is inconsistent with that of the platform.

– A wrong claim of damage products or repeated request for a refund under the refund policy.

RUCHISHIL disclaims any assurance of exact look, feel, size and color of shoe items made available on its platform and by its exchange policy, when any inconsistency is spotted, you can request for a change within 30 days of receipt of your order. Any other issue that warrants a return instead of an exchange has been provided for under RUCHISHIL Refund Policy.

•    RUCHISHIL Privacy Policy

As much as excellence is our basement as a company, we do not take for granted the confidentiality of our users, and as such we have taken reasonable steps to ensure that such confidentiality is protected. Every information of you gotten in the process of creating an account with the platform or during its subsequent use, is being stored and protected from illegal third-party access and use except when the law requires that any of such information is disclosed to aid investigations.

This privacy policy provides the information we have access to, and what we make of such information to ensure that the excellent basement of our company is well secured.

– Your personal information which includes all your relevant information needed to help you create an account with us.

– Your financial report which provides for your debit and credit card details for both offline and online banking services

– Your account history from previous transactions that have been carried out on the RUCHISHIL platform by you.

– Your transactions history ranges from the selection of your order to its subsequent delivery.

– Other shared and stored information outside the category as mentioned earlier.

Please note that the RUCHISHIL platform is not made available for persons under the age of 18 as they are not seen as legal entities. These kinds of persons can only access our platform either by way of their parents’ access or that of their guardian.

Note also that even though we offer data encryption, it is not fully guaranteed as it is possible that it can be intercepted.

•    RUCHISHIL Cookie Policy

Cookies is that little text file that gives you access Tina lot of features offered by the RUCHISHIL company which aims at enhancing user experience and interaction. As a user of the RUCHISHIL platform, you are allowed to accept or decline cookies. By accepting a cookie, you implicitly accept that terms provided for in this cookie policy which enables us to use any of such information collected from the cookie

•    RUCHISHIL Disclaimer

As a user, it is crucial that you understand that every transaction of yours carried out and carried on the RUCHISHIL platform, is being done at your own risk and as such, it is imperative that you as a user take reasonable steps to ensure that you guard yourself as well. As such, as a company, we shall not at any point before transactions, during transactions and after transactions be liable for any action of users that results in any loss or damage of any shoes item purchased from our platform, or any fraudulent entry to and usage of your personal information in which you would have taken reasonable steps to prevent. It is to this end that we disclaim such as a company. Also, concerning the previous provisions on third-party relationship and transactions, we shall not in any way interfere or be responsible for any scam of dubious act suffered or dispute arising from carrying on transactions with any other person except the RUCHISHIL platform.

We also as a company, entirely disclaim any warranties or provisions either expressly written or implied from words or conducts that states the exactness, completeness, quality, or fitness of purpose for any shoe item listed and provided for by our platform.