RUCHISHIL Refund Policy

This refund policy is created to strengthen further the level of trust between us as a company and our customers giving them a guarantee that we are committed to excellent services by providing to them quality products. With this policy, our transactions with our customers are protected, and a room is provided for our customers to enjoy a refund when certain things happen.

About RUCHISHIL Protect

With quality being our basement, we give you a full assurance on every product of ours you purchase. With this purchase of yours, comes protection from our company that further reinstates our commitment to quality and excellence.

If at any point you purchase a product from us, and we fail to ship it, or whatever it is that you receive doesn’t match with the order you made, then you are by this policy, entitled to a refund. However, in any other case other than these two mentioned, all our sales have an assurance of quality with them, and as such final.

The policies that have been drafted to protect your purchase, and ensure that you never run at a loss for a mistake on our part, is what we have referred to as the RUCHISHIL Refund Policy.

RUCHISHIL Refund Policy

We get your order for any product you desire, but we don’t convert payment made by our buyers until we have been fully informed that the order you received is in line with what you wanted on a purchase.

When any of our products are ordered and delivered to you, you have to crosscheck and ensure that it fits your description. If any inconsistency is noticed, you have a time frame of 3 days to check and report such discrepancy to our website with evidence in pictures or videos to prove your assertion. When we as a company receive your complaint, we will verify it, and if upon verification we affirm, we will, in turn, send you a label via email to let you know you can return the shoe item and claim a refund.

Upon approval and receipt of our refund label, should be shipped back to us within 3-5 days to have the refund processed.

What Does The RUCHISHIL Refund Policy Cover?

This refund policy is not all encompassing as it only covers some specific things. The things that this Refund Policy covers include:

•    Missing or Incorrect Shoe Item: This happens when some components of a product ordered is missing or incorrect to the product type ordered.

•   Product received not as described: This happened when the product received, is different from what you the buyer described or was made to believe it is.

•    Product not being as authentic as described: This happens when any default is spotted as regards the quality or authenticity of the product received as against what was described.

•    Product Item damaged on the receipt: This happens when you spot damage to the shoe received immediately it was received with a fault from the company or manufacturer.

It is imperative to note that all damages must be reported within the stipulated three days upon receipts to our company’s website. Any report that comes after these three days, or any report which upon verification is deemed not to be true, will be regarded as null and avoid. When any of these happens, such customer will not be entitled to any refund under this refund policy.

What the RUCHISHIL Refund Policy Doesn’t Cover?

As much as this refund policy has what it covers, it also has what it doesn’t cover. Anything that falls under category means that such a customer would not be entitled to any refund from our company under this refund policy. These things include:

•    Where the customers cause alleged damage to shoe item: As a company, we are known for excellence, and as such we make sure every item offered by us has its quality ascertained. This way, we can reduce cases of damage. If for example, a customer is responsible for any damage caused to the product, such customer would not be qualified to get a refund.

•    A situation where the customer changes his/her mind: As a company, we ensure that all product shipped are in line with the description of the customer. As such, we are not liable for a customer’s subsequent change of mind or loss of interest in the product shipped.

•    Transactions carried out off the platform: Since we cannot guarantee trust between two parties off our platform, we are therefore not liable for any breach that occurs from transactions done off our platform.