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The Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite is a good fitness tracker, but a very basic smartwatch. If you're after the Mi Band experience and would like the benefits of a larger display, Xiaomi's latest budget smartwatch is a fine option.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite is yet another ultra-cheap smartwatch from the Chinese brand. Slotting it in nicely between Xiaomi’s popular Mi Band line and the recently released Xiaomi Mi Watch. Eagle-eyed fans might also recognize it as a rebranded Redmi Watch.

Although it has a traditional smartwatch form factor, it’s best to think of the Mi Watch Lite simply as a Mi Band with a larger screen. There are important differences between the two, but its focus is on fitness, not smartwatch features.

It can also track a variety of sport modes. Those include outdoor running, treadmill, trail running, indoor and outdoor cycling, walking, open water swimming, pool swimming, cricket, hiking, and freestyle workouts.

The Mi Watch Lite’s GPS is about as accurate as that of the Mi Watch. That is to say, it’s okay, not great. On numerous outdoor runs, the Mi Watch showed me running through rivers and on the other side of the street, even with little cloud and tree coverage.

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