RUCHISHIL Privacy Policy

As much as excellence is our basement as a company, we do not take for granted the confidentiality of our users, and as such we have taken reasonable steps to ensure that such confidentiality is protected. Every information of you gotten in the process of creating an account with the platform or during its subsequent use, is being stored and protected from illegal third-party access and use except when the law requires that any of such information is disclosed to aid investigations.

This privacy policy provides the information we have access to, and what we make of such information to ensure that the excellent basement of our company is well secured.

– Your personal information which includes all your relevant information needed to help you create an account with us.

– Your financial report which provides for your debit and credit card details for both offline and online banking services

– Your account history from previous transactions that have been carried out on the RUCHISHIL platform by you.

– Your transactions history ranges from the selection of your order to its subsequent delivery.

– Other shared and stored information outside the category as mentioned earlier.

Please note that the RUCHISHIL platform is not made available for persons under the age of 18 as they are not seen as legal entities. These kinds of persons can only access our platform either by way of their parents’ access or that of their guardian.

Note also that even though we offer data encryption, it is not fully guaranteed as it is possible that it can be intercepted.