Privacy Policy

RUCHISHIL keeps the information of all reputable buyers secret. All this information is a deposit to us.

Account Information:
Account information such as name, address, phone number, etc. are stored in the database. All this information is not exchanged by the tasteful authorities. All this information is kept confidential.

Information about cashback and wallet:
A customer's cashback balance and wallet balance are stored in a database with confidentiality.
Information is not provided to any buyer by phone or e-mail. If a buyer is interested in seeing all this information, he can log in to his account.

Online Payment Information:
All the information of debit / credit card mobile banking, bank payment used while making payment by purchasing any product from Ruchishil is kept secret.

So the buyer can pay with confidence.

All buyer information is stored confidentially. So let the shopper's shopping be worry free and enjoyable.