Smart Gadgets

BDT1,800 BDT1,340

Champing Tent For 3 Person

Club Point: 36.00
BDT2,200 BDT1,990

Ring Light with Tripod

Club Point: 44.00
BDT800 BDT590

Travel Air Pillow

Club Point: 16.00
BDT1,500 BDT1,199

Air Pillow

Club Point: 30.00
BDT13,500 BDT8,500

UV Protected Tent

Club Point: 270.00
BDT5,600 BDT4,490

Air Sofa Single with Side tool

Club Point: 112.00
BDT19,500 BDT11,999

Seahawk Inflatable Boat Set for 3 Person

Club Point: 390.00
BDT3,500 BDT2,800

Semi Double Air Bed

Club Point: 70.00
BDT5,500 BDT4,999

5 in 1 Inflatable Sofa Air Bed Couch

Club Point: 110.00
BDT1,300 BDT1,280

Vigo Digital LED Clock VIG-DC-001

Club Point: 26.00
BDT1,750 BDT1,700

Vigo Digital LED Clock VIG-DC-002

Club Point: 35.00